Business Center Cares

Business Center Cares

What is the Business Center Cares Program?
Business Center Cares is a sponsorship program created by the Business Center on Main. Through the program, the Business Center on Main is able to reach out to nonprofit organizations. We offer printing sponsorships to offset costs and help in furthering these nonprofit organizations’ goals.

What does the Business Center Cares sponsorship include?
Sponsorship is applicable to the printing and finishing costs. All nonprofit organizations who submit their 501c3 determination letter will enjoy a 10% discount on all orders with the Business Center on Main and the sales tax waived. If applying for a sponsorship package (e.g. Gold category), the sponsorship amount will take the place of the 10%. As a Business Center Cares partner, you will have a dedicated account manager to assist you with your print requirements on top of all the benefits the Business Center on Main offers to all its customers: a simple, very easy-to-use interface, free proofing service, great customer service, and affordable quality printing.

What is not included in the sponsorship?
Sponsorship does NOT apply to shipping costs, mailing service and postage fees, design services.

Can I apply the 10% discount or the sponsorship amount on top of current promotions on your website?
No. the Business Center on Main observes a one-discount policy on every invoice. The higher discount will apply.

The Application Process

How do I apply?
Complete an application form and provide the required information.

How long does it take to get the approval for the Sponsorship Progam?
We process applications within 3-5 business days.

About the Packages

How can I tell what sponsorship category I qualify for?

Bronze Category – for organizations who do not wish to place the Business Center on Main logo/link on their websites but are willing to put the Business Center on Main logo and sponsorship acknowledgment on the print order(s).
Silver Category – for a local/single-location nonprofit
Gold Category – for nonprofits who belong to a national organization with 3 or more chapters and office locations
Event Sponsorship – for nonprofits who are putting together a major event/fundraiser.
UCommunity Partner – for headquarter organizations who wish to partner with UPrinting and enroll all of its chapters for a collective sponsorship arrangement.
Group Sponsorship – if 3 or more Silver category qualified nonprofits apply together, we will extend the Gold category to each.

Review our sponsorship packages

10% Permanent Discount
Dedicated Sales and Support
Free Printing Credits
Joint Press Release Distribution
Logo Placement on Printing
501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status
Testimonial Review
Link Placement on Website
National Organization Chapter


What are the requirements?
We require a copy of the non-profit organization’s 501(c)3 determination letter, an application and/or a sponsorship proposal submitted to Each of the sponsorship packages have corresponding values and requirements such as placement of Business Center on Main links on the website, a printing sponsor acknowledgment on printed materials, agreement to provide feedback and/or allowing the the Business Center on Main to write and post press releases about the sponsorship.

How long is the sponsorship period?
For the Bronze Silver and Gold sponsorship packages, the sponsorship period is one year. You are then eligible to apply for another round of sponsorship. For the other sponsorship types, it will be on a per-agreement basis.

Is the Business Center Cares Sponsorship Program only for certified 501c3 orgs?
Yes. The Business Center Cares Program extends the sponsorship packages only to 501c3-certified nonprofits.

Can I apply for an Event Sponsorship even if I have been granted the bronze/silver/gold sponsorship previously?
We are always open to requests for event sponsorships. We welcome and will review all proposals. Send your proposal to

I’m a student in school. Can my student group get sponsorship?
Yes. Business Center Cares also works with educational institutions to provide sponsorships for official school events and campus organizations.

Can we use our nonprofit mailing rates with UPrinting’s mailing service?
Yes. Download a USPS Form 3623 from the USPS website, process this with USPS and provide us the approval copy. Contact us for more information.

I’m working as a Graphic designer, can i sign up for my nonprofit client?
Graphic designers can process an application in behalf of their nonprofit clients provided the requirements corresponding the sponsorship package are met (e.g. 501c3 certificate, logo and link placement on the nonprofit’s official website, testimonial, and others).

How do I get my 10% NPO discount?
Once your 501c3 determination letter is received, your Business Center on Main account will be tagged as a nonprofit organization and orders under this account will automatically receive the 10% discount.