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Remembering Veterans Day

Why do we open at 10?

People have asked me why The Business Center on Main opens at 10 when many other printers open at 8 or 9. The answer is simple. I take my kids to school in the morning. They both attend Clifton Fairview German Language School and school does not start until 9:15. I am not a slacker […]

5 Reasons to Promote With Postcards

With so many tools at our fingertips, a limited budget and an abundance of competition, sometimes it can be frustrating choosing the right marketing strategy. How do you get your customers to continue their business with you? How do you generate new business without breaking the bank? Consider marketing with postcards. Not only are they […]

How You Can Create a Sound Small Business Credit Policy

Small business owners have many issues to focus on while operating a small business. One issue that causes headaches and creates high stress levels is when a customer or business partner doesn’t come through financially. Late or unpaid invoices result in cash flow problems that you should not have to face. Even a business relationship […]

Creating a Routine: Tips for Business Routines

Routines are a part of life. They help you stay focused on the things that are most important. They provide the structure and continuity that you — and your clients and customers — rely on to do business efficiently and effectively. Business routines are a good thing.

Learning from the Franchising Mistakes of Failed Krispy Kreme

Buying and operating a franchise can be a great way for an entrepreneur to get into business with a proven brand, business model, and marketing strategy. However, while most franchises can offer sound home office support and allow an enthusiastic entrepreneur a way to make a great income, there are still franchise risks that are […]

6 Entrepreneur Networking Tips

One of the most essential tools for entrepreneurs is their ability to network. Entrepreneur networking expands a business owner’s number of contacts, which can lead to future sales, expert advice, and even business partnerships. But not everyone has the innate ability to network easily and effectively.

8 Business Traveler Tips

If you are a small business owner who travels frequently, you know the multitude of potential headaches and stressors that you can encounter on each trip. Not counting the early check-in, long lines, and hefty fees, there are plenty of other little things that can make simple travel a major adventure.

Your Small Business Website and the Law

When you operate a small business website, one of the most important questions about that website is what content to include. It’s easy enough to claim a domain and buy cheap and affordable web hosting, but when it comes to designing your website and writing textual content, where do you begin?

10 Often Overlooked but Frequently Helpful Small Business Tax Deductions

Are you fully taking advantage of all the tax deductions that are available to small businesses? Whether you file your taxes yourself or hire just a bookkeeper, there are many deductions that go overlooked. Here are 10 helpful small business tax deductions that are often overlooked.