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We now offer EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

Offset vs. Digital

In order to be able to decide between offset or digital printing for your next print job, you must first determine what’s right for your budget and project. There are several factors to consider before you commit to either print method: cost, quality, and time being the most vital. Before you choose which is more […]

8 Reasons Why People Retain Business Cards… How to Get Them to Keep Yours

Do you remember how proud you were the first time you saw your name in print? Most entrepreneurs feel that same flush of pride when they gaze on their new business cards. That small piece of paper represents years of planning and effort and hard work and dreams. The thrill of seeing “your name in […]

How to Add Value to Your Business Cards

An old marketing adage goes something like this: “He who has a thing to sell And goes and whispers in a well Is not as apt to get the dollars As he who climbs a tree and hollers.” Most business cards whisper. If they speak to your prospect at all, they do so quietly. Many […]

Brochures—Get Your Name Out There!

Brochures are probably one of the most utilized marketing tools for companies. You may recall that every time you stepped into an office, walked by a sales person, or went to pick up your takeout at your favorite local restaurant, you saw a brochure somewhere, somehow, even if it was just a blur, and all […]

American Psycho Was Right: It Isn’t Just a Business Card

Funny? Yes. Exaggerated? Sure. Impossible? Not really. If you think the pivotal scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman and his peers compare business cards down to the last detail (or “watermark”) could never happen, I’m here to tell you, never say never.

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone out there has a very merry Christmas!