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Owner of the Business Center on Main Some quick facts about me: Spokesman for the American League of Professional Tax Preparers Guest multiple times on WLW's Bill Cunningham show Featured on WCPO & WLWT Tax expert on WRRM, WGRR, WFTK, WNNF, and WOFX's "Ask The Expert" Eagle Scout

Understanding Business Card Etiquette

When doing business abroad it is important to understand the local culture. Culture includes areas such as a country’s norms, values, behaviors, food, architecture, fashion and art. However, one area of culture that is important for the international business person is etiquette. Understanding business etiquette allows you to feel comfortable in your dealings with foreign […]


Business card is the term used to describe a piece of paper with information about a business; contact information, location, logo and name of employee some with their rank shown. Few people know about the history of business cards though they sit in our wallets and office drawers as long as we are in business. […]

The difference between CMYK and RGB in offset printing

When talking of offset printing, some confusion arises between RGB and CMYK. Many photo lovers do not know the type of color space produced by their digital cameras hence they get confused when printing images. Usually, they click on print, but, are not content with the image that has been printed since it appears different […]

Our latest Fountain Square Install

Our latest install on Fountain Square for Reveal Concepts & Dodd Camera

Study: Use of QR, Other Mobile Codes on Rise

ARLINGTON, MA—QR codes, digital watermarks, image recognition and other types of mobile action codes printed in the top 100 U.S. magazines reached a record number in the second quarter, according to a new study by mobile marketing and technology services company, Nellymoser Inc. A total of 2,200 codes were printed during the quarter, up from […]

Mini Business Cards

Awhile back, we came up with the idea for the wink special shape. But since we’re packed with enthusiasm and ambition, we just couldn’t resist and decided to explore further into cool and unique special shapes. This brought on our new, mini business card! At just 2.75″ x 1.10″, don’t let this bite-sized card fool you; it packs […]

EDDM Postcards

You may have noticed that we recently added several new postcard sizes that are “EDDM eligible”. Some of you were so excited by this new addition, that we received a flurry of responses. But perhaps you aren’t yet in on what this great service is about? Here’s the jist:

From CMYK to Em Dashes

It’s always nice to see the different range of customers we have – from those with very little knowledge on graphic design and printing (yet eager to learn), to expert graphic designers with a background in the print biz. After all, we pride ourselves on being able to provide affordable, high-quality printing to a wide range of […]

Intro to CMYK & Printing

An excellent primer into printing and how to prepare your files.

How to Use and Install Your Fonts

One aspect of graphic design that isn’t discussed enough is the use of Fonts and Typography within our designs. If used correctly, type can be used as a powerful means of expression. We are going to forgo speaking about Typography today, instead we have listed over 200 free font websites below. However, don’t worry, we […]